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Consciousness, Cosmology and Creativity

Life, the Universe and Everything

I’ll be the first to admit I’m a big geek. Or a nerd, sometimes, maybe.

Obviously this a point of contention among only those that are actually geeks or nerds...

Obviously this a point of contention among only those that are actually geeks or nerds…

Who knows which, really. There’s been a lot of discussion on the topicelsewhere. However, that’s not what this post is about.

What this post is actually about is a conversation…and what it implies. I like to think and talk about “consciousness” a lot. And “universe” or “cosmos”. Thing is, the vast majority of people out there don’t know what those terms really mean or what they imply. They are thrown around as catch phrases, trendy topics and the cause of many memes, but the serious inquiry and study of the topics behind the terms is often greatly lacking. And even serious inquiry about consciousness by most mainstream dogmatic practitioners in the realms of neuroscience tend to miss the point: consciousness cannot be found as an epiphenomena of physiological processes in the brain. It can’t. Because that’s not where it originates.

So I had a conversation with my fiancé the other night. It started out superficially enough – in fact, she was poring over some form of social media on her phone as she sit on a floor cushion next to me on the couch…halfway listening.

I started spouting something about how excited I was about a recent book snippet that was shared with me by someone we both admire, Stephan Schwartz.

Full Disclosure: It is almost wholly because of Stephan Schwartz, by way of Craig Weiner, that we met and got to know each other and became fast friends and fell ridiculously in love and are now getting married and loving the living daylights out of each other and our little family consisting of her two daughters, our dog Ollie, my two cats Benny and Jules, the resident rabbit Darla, and the chickens of which I know none of their names.

But I digress (I do that a lot).

So we met because Dr. Craig (as he’s known ’round here) suggested to each of us individually and separately from one another that we attend a workshop he was hosting, put on by Stephan A. Schwartz on the subject of…Remote Viewing. Neither of us knew a thing about Remote Viewing or that it was actually a thing (it is, and it works, which is crazy and weird in and of itself). Neither of us could really afford to attend the three day workshop either. Craig offered to float it for us and allow both of us to pay it back later over time. Individually, separately with no knowledge of one another prior. Despite sharing over 192 friends on Facebook…

Weird right?

Anyway we met and the rest is history in the making.


Back to our current discussion.

This is what came out of it:

I love that we can have a nearly three hour conversation around the nature of reality, the coming paradigm shift of…

Posted by Joe Menth on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Strangely enough, as of this writing, 41 people apparently appreciate the fact that we had a geeky conversation about “deep” topics.

Here’s a screen cap, since for whatever reason, actually embedding Facebook posts doesn’t’ really give you the whole thing:

Facebook Post on the Nature of Consciousness

Facebook Post on the Nature of Consciousness

But the thing is…we just…do this. We have these conversations. And it’s not weird or unusual that we do. And I can’t help but think that other people are having conversations such as these in their own ways all over the place.

Granted, people joked about it, because perhaps they thought it was weird

Because as if almost to prove the very point of much of our conversation, this is the time we are living in.

A decade ago people were not speaking like this.

The paradigm is shifting. Before our very eyes.

Have you been caught by the zeitgeist yet?

I ask, because it seems that a number of folks have been swept up into an introspective inquiry surrounding the nature of reality, at a level that used to only be discussed among “real” philosophers. Us common folk…we didn’t talk of these things back in the day.

And now we do. Especially the geeks and the nerds, of which we consider ourselves proud standard-bearers of those monikers.

So Rhiannon and I talked of many things. As is evident from the word-vomit regurgitation I posted on Facebook, where I attempted at 12:45 am to get out of my head – indeed, out of my individual manifestation of a temporary consciousness that happens to be tranceived (both transmitted and received) by my mind/brain matrix – some semblance of just what it was we had fallen headlong into a discussion about for the better part of three hours.

think I captured just enough of it that now I can recall some of the finer points we came upon in our discussion. A discussion, mind you, that almost perfectly parallels and dives into the very title I chose for this blog and website: Consciousness, Cosmology and Creativity.

So as I posted above in the screen capture, this is the summary of what we talked about; I quote it directly but inserted line breaks so as to better illustrate the delineations between disparate but connected topics:

I love that we can have a nearly three hour conversation around
(1) the nature of reality
(2) the coming paradigm shift of scientific acceptance of non-local consciousness
(3) the trajectory of human evolution as a corollary and analog to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
(4) the idea that Consciousness is causal of physical reality
(5) and that because Elon Musk is on the bleeding edge of a technological shift that other genius entities will gravitate toward an overwhelming zeitgeist of a two-century long movement of transcendence past the whole of humanity’s ceiling in the bubble of self-actualization
(6) that in essence consciousness itself is a transcalar manifestation of dark matter on the human scale of beingness
(7) and the expansion of transcendence in our collective unconscious otherwise known as god or spirit or self-awareness as the universe is actually dark energy expanding the fabric of space-time
(8) as a corollary to the breaking through the singularity at the peak of the hierarchical pyramid of needs….

And the coolest part is we get to have a dialogue about it where we constantly learn from each other without telling one another “how it is” as if we knew the whole truth.

What in the hell does all that mean, anyway?

In the next few blog posts, I will attempt to – with the co-authorship of Rhiannon – illustrate some of what we spoke about. I’ll circle back and link to the relevant points as we deep dive back into our conversation from a couple nights ago, and point those lines above to where we discuss each one in depth as we continue writing it all up…

Because it appears to be a topic that is bubbling up among even those that seem least likely to be pondering such things.

And in light of the rather negative intonations that are sweeping through our public discourse due to hyper-polarized political processes, denial of some aspects of the nature of current reality on this living planet, as well as sheer ignorance by the better part of the general public about the real evidence for a consciousness-based reality – it feels as though it is due time to bring these private thoughts and conversations to the fore.

To shed some light on the subject, as it were.

And to bring into the conversation those around us that may very well be pondering and inquiring of themselves these questions that not only question the nature of reality, but, if these new discoveries of consciousness being causal do indeed shift the paradigm in the ways we believe it will, will actually create the new reality by the mere virtue of thinking about and discussing it.

We are what we think. With our thoughts we create the world.

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